Give your brain a workout

Are you worried that you are physically healthy and fit but your brain is still unfit and very depressed. What you should do you must be thinking about giving some health to your brain as well. Well there are lot of issues which can affects your brain and which can make your brain inactive and unhealthy like the family and relationship issues, fighting with some, over thinking about anything, stress of children and their studies, some people take stress of their child marriage and lots of many more.

The only thing that affects your brain negatively is over thinking. To think about anything again and again and to take lot of stress can give a pressure to brain which can even result badly like it can give you lots of diseases for example over thinking can make your blood circulation very slow which can create clots in your brain resulting a stroke as well as over thinking can affect your cholesterol and give you some cardiac problem. Having “noocube” in your daily routine can give your brain a good memory; it can increase your focus as can reduce stress level as well.

No worries there are lot of things and solutions to make your brain healthy and to give your brain a new and healthy life. A healthy brain life cycle can be a long term purpose as well.

Our brain requires some particular nutrient and physical exercise as well. It needs proper diet full of foods and fruits enriched with vitamins and omega-3 fats.

Our brain need to be busy because empty brain is the home of evil which can develop lots of negativity in the mind. In order to reduce this negativity our brain needs some daily workout which can make it busy as well as healthy.

  • Increase your brain power by doing exercise

Yes! Exercising not only affects your physical health as it affects your mental health as well. It increases the tendency to work as well it reduces the stress. Stress is very unhealthy for your brain but regular exercise can reduce the stress and give you a good physical and mental health.  Exercising can fuel you up as it boosts up the confidence level but reducing the stressful situation and give you the motivation. You can also start adding some supplements in your diet like noocube”.

  • Start solving puzzles and zig zag games

Solving puzzles can give your brain a new life and a workout. It creates your creative thinking ability. In Japan the children of year 3 start their life playing with chess games as they believe these types of games and puzzles can give their brain a workout and as well as it improves their critical thinking.

  • Give your calculator a break and let your brain solve the things

Yes this is the time of gadgets and globalization. Calculator is our life partner to solve our mathematics and statistical issues. It saves our time and gives us the correct answer. But you should give a break to your calculator and start investing your mind into solving the questions. You should go ahead and solve the calculations by your own because it gives your brain a workout and make it healthy and fresh.

  • Turn of the 3g of your phone and use your mind

Turn off you 3g and other GPRS network. If you need to go somewhere stop using the directions of Google. Start thinking and try to think the direction by your own. Go out and use your brain, start creating and developing directions by your own. Don’t rely yourself on the internet. Let your brain start to think.

  • Start reading

Go to the market and purchase some literature novels as reading can improve your brain and its ability to think, work and create focus. It also creates the imaginary skills in your brain which affects positively to your brain and gives your brain a new and healthy life with a creative ability to think.

  • Start creating stories and write it in your free time

When you are free, don’t let your brain to start thinking negatively and take some stress as stress is very bad for our health especially for our brain. In free time you should make yourself busy in doing some engagement works like you can improve your creative skills by writing new stories. It can make you a good writer as well. Spare your free time in writing stories.

  • Make your learning strong by exposure to new vocabulary words

If you are using internet and you want to learn something new, make yourself busy in learning new things which you don’t know like you can have a exposure to new vocabulary as it builds your language skills as well as it can give healthy life to your brain when your brain keeps engaging in learning new things.

  • Challenge your friends for a game

A brain can be utilized to challenge a friend for a critical thinking game like chess or snooker. Your brain will keep busy in developing the critics in the mind which can give your brain a good workout. Top Nootropic Supplements

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